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These Two Things Could Win You More Jobs

By July 23, 2019 No Comments

The secret to winning client bids?

Knowing and understanding that no two jobs are alike — nor are they won the same way. It’s often some combination of your portfolio, who you know, your strategy in approaching the job, and when you’re available — not to mention about a billion other details.

That said, for all the jobs we’ve won over the years, we’re really proud of two recent accomplishments that help us stand out in a crowd — and can help our photographers and directors win more jobs by association. 

Minority Certification

The Women’s Business Enterprise National Council is the largest third party governmental certifier of Women Business Enterprise in the country, and GHP is now officially a WBENC-certified businesses! Many agencies (and brand clients) take this status as a huge perk when looking for creative partners. Why? They often have internal diversity quotas to meet, and hiring a WBENC-certified vendor can help them meet those metrics. Plus, working with WBENC-certified businesses can result in tax breaks for the client paying the check, and helps to diversify their roster of vendors.

We’re Green

While we starting implementing green practices back in 2017 with the elimination of plastic water bottles on set, as of this spring, GHP is now a fully sustainable and green production company. We partnered with Chicago-based Collective Resource to complete a bucket list of green initiatives, compositing on set! The adoption of this new practice has led to a certification by the IFSC (Illinois Food Scrap Coalition). To learn more about how to go green on set, check out our blog post on sustainability.

We’ve never met a client that hasn’t been excited about these accomplishments. And, in many cases, they’re seeking out opportunities to partner with vendors that check one or both boxes.