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California Labor Law Loophole for Print Productions SB 671 HAS PASSED!

By September 6, 2019 September 10th, 2019 No Comments

And a HUGE thank you to Prime Casting for leading the charge on this pivotal amendment.

For years Prime Casting had been hearing from producers about talent (and their attorneys) filing claims for the “waiting time penalties” which simply state that if a talent isn’t paid their wages upon wrap, the producer/photographer/agency is left responsible to pay a penalty which would equal the talent total day wage per day up to 30 days of non payment from the date of wrap.  This has been very costly and inconvenient for many people and companies, and has negatively impacted the print industry in California.

This, of course, is a loophole in the Labor Law for Print Productions.  The productions for the Motion Picture industry are covered by an exception which allows them to pay talent at the next regular payday, and therefore be able to have time to process talent through payroll and avoid the penalties.

2019 started with many of our producer friends being sued for things that are beyond their control and ability. Prime Casting decided to look into HOW to change this loophole for the Print Industry and gain the same protections that the Motion Picture Industry receives.  So they reached out to our state politicians and appealed for them to review the laws as they stand.  California Senate Majority Leader Robert Hertzberg’s office has been very receptive, sympathetic and helpful to the cause.  They came up with legislation that should include the print productions under the same protections that the Motion Picture industry have.

We were very happy to share that Amendment SB 671 was squeezed into this year’s legislation. AND now we are elated to say that it has passed quickly and unanimously!

A THANK YOU from Prime Casting:

For years Peter and I (Heather) would feel despair when we hear about a producer or an agency being sued for insane amounts of money. One day last year we got a call from a producer friend with the same heart-wrenching story and we knew we had to take action. It took us 8 months of working with CA Senate Majority Leader Robert Hertzberg’s office to get a bill on the ballot. We were very happy that Amendment SB 671 was squeezed into this year’s legislation. AND now we are elated to say that it has passed Quickly and Unanimously! We know this loophole has taken a toll on many of you, and we were so saddened to read the letters you all submitted. We are very happy that a lot of that stress is now hopefully behind us. We hope that this legislation will bring more business to our lovely state and bring us all more projects. Thank you all so much for taking the time to get your letters to us, spreading the word and helping to make this finally happen! We will talk with many of you I am sure very soon. For all the others, we appreciate your help very much and hope that our paths cross again in the future.

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