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Business Resources

This is an ongoing list of tools we use on and off set.

On Location

  • Sun Seeker
  • InDesign – professionally designed production books
  • RadarScope + NOAA weather
  • Interactive Maps for food and entertainment recommendations
  • Spotify Premium
  • TurboScan


  • Later: Schedule your posts
  • Linktree: Allows multiple links on your bio
  • Darkroom: for BTS photo and video on set

B.A.I.L Team

(Bank, Accountant, Insurance and Legal)

Client Scheduling + CRM

  • Calendly: client meetings, made easy.
  • Zapier: with a zap and a zap … automation made simple.
  • Hubspot: the CRM we use and love.

Mastermind + Self Development

  • Mastermind: Get yourself in one!
  • Skillshare: online platform to learn and sharpen your skills on just about anything.
  • The Crew Consultants: Whether you need help creating a CRM, cleaning up your finances or finding new efficiencies – you’ll be glad to have Colleen on your team.
  • Kilness & Company: Kyle specializes in helping to create a roadmap for your business.
  • Creative Picnic: Marketing for Photographers
  • Caroline Griffin: Caro is a very talented HR and Ops focused consultant, with a specialty in tech and remote teams.

Email Marketing + Website Hosting

My Squad

And in case you’re wondering…

No #ad, paid partnerships or *affiliate* links here. Just the stuff we use and love. So why wouldn’t we share it?

Chicago Production Resources


We always enjoy the opportunity to curate a team for you. But if you’re in a hurry (because, production!), here is a list of some of Chicago’s finest resources. As a kind reminder, this list is inclusive and open to submission. If you would like to know our recommendations (per temperament and type), please email us. 

Studio Rentals in Chicago

Answers Media

  • White Cyc
  • Green Screen
  • Kitchen Set

Chicago Studio City

  • 4 stages on site
  • Up to 25,000 sq foot studio space


  • Two Sound Stages
  • Multiple Cyc Studios
  • Grip on site

F-Stop Studio

  • Full Kitchen 
  • White Cyc
  • Daylight Studio

Motion Source

  • White Cyc
  • Green Screen
  • Outdoor Patio
  • NOTE: Located in the Chicago suburbs

North Logan Studio

  • Daylight Studio
  • Full Kitchen + 3 bathrooms
  • Private Client Area

One Tree House

  • Sound Booth
  • 3 Edit Bays
  • 2,000 ft. Ground Floor Daylight Studio

Parchment Studio 

  • Created by Chicago Prop Stylist 
  • Outdoor Patio 
  • Props + surfaces on site (additional rental)

ProGear Studio

  • Inside Rental House 

Resolution Digital Studios 

  • Multiple Cyc Studios
  • Green Screen
  • Apartment Set
  • Private Conference Room
  • Rooftop Deck
  • Kitchen

Skylight Studio

  • Two Daylight Studio
  • Hardwood Floors

Studio Rental Chicago

  • Daylight Studio
  • 4,800 sq. ft
  • 16” ceilings

Throop Studio

  • 3,000 sq feet
  • Full Kitchen
  • Exposed Brick and Hardwood Floors

Trigger Chicago

  • Two Kitchens
  • 14” high ceilings
  • Exposed Brick and Hardwood Floors

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