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Case Study: Major Healthcare Client

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New York + Connecticut


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The Challenge

When deliverables increase, but the budget stays the same

Our client had a clear vision: an OOH photo mosaic campaign comprising images of an actor-portrayed patient, captured in various home-like settings over the course of a one-day shoot. But when the deliverables scaled up from a few hundred images, to 1,500 images each of three different patients in three different locations — still on a one-day shoot and budget — we put on the breaks. Rather than tell the clients their increased deliverables were out of scope, we asked for 24 hours to deliberate and strategize on a special approach for this project.

Our Approach

Reinventing the role of real-life talent

With a green-light from the photographer, Grey House was invited to present an alternate shoot strategy directly to the agency. Instead of spending the lion’s share of the budget on professional location scouting and rentals, we proposed to reallocate funds to bolster the creative vision: showcasing real-life situations, like patients in their homes and communities. After thoroughly vetting each of our talent in casting, we tripled the stipend for talent, and leaned on them for real-life resources such as secondary locations, pets, friends willing to be extras, and more.


Authentic people, authentic results

In order to relieve pressure on crew and creative, we increased the job from one to three shoot days. We reduced the on-set team from 25 to six, while adding 10 extras to our cast of three heroes. We also increased locations from three to 10, adding much-needed diversity to the creative assets. In all, we delivered well over 15,000 images to create the truly beautiful, authentic mosaic that our client had envisioned. And we did it all on budget.


Reallocating dollars without compromising creativity

In totally rethinking how a budget can be spent, we were able to “bundle” production line items for some serious efficiencies. More than tripling the asset request doesn’t work for most shoots, which is why we would normally have a conversation here about budget and expectations. But in this case, working to create a literal mosaic of images, the production value was the sum of the assets, rather than the individual shots created. By approaching real-life talent as potential partners, we increased both the value of the shoot, and the authenticity of the creative assets. 

The client said time and time again that the reason Grey House won the job was because of our nontraditional approach. And since the job wrapped, they invited us to bid on another just months later.


“The team loved the approach! Really loved it. Thanks for the extra ‘think through.’”

Associate Director, Integrated Production at Ad Agency