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Introducing our Harbor Media Initiative

By July 29, 2020 July 31st, 2020 No Comments

For all of the challenges that have come with living through a pandemic, something magical has happened in the production industry as a direct result. This spring, when shoots (and the nation) came to a standstill due to COVID-19, we began filling our calendars with conversations. And just like that, we broke the glass ceiling of networking: We proved that we don’t need summits and live events to learn from each other. All we need is a wifi connection and an open mind.

Here at Grey House, we’ve always believed in maintaining an open dialog to share resources. The adage A rising tide lifts all boats has been around for ages, but I’ve been thinking about it more than ever these past several months. More than a goal I’m running toward, it’s become a focal point that inspires how I’ve been running this company, and where we’re headed long-term.

Inspired by that idea, I’m thrilled to announce our latest initiative:

Harbor Media: a collection of resources that helps to rise the tide for all boats.


This will foster an abundance of collaboration as we settle into the season ahead. Starting this summer, it will serve as our anthem to inspire our continuing work toward unifying and bettering our industry, and you’re invited to join us.

Now more than ever, our work is not about My Company vs. Their Company, or Me vs. Her or Them. It’s about how we can all work together, even though we all have our own expertise. Honestly, I don’t think that Grey House is the right production company for every single client out there, or vice-versa. Think of it this way: Each and every one of us in this industry brings our own “special sauce” to the table. I’ll be the first to admit that I used to wonder whether it was a good idea to share my trade secrets with colleagues and competitors. But the answer is a resounding YES. The more “sauce” we (and our clients) have to choose from, the better. Sharing resources doesn’t single-handedly benefit competitors; it helps our industry as a whole, which then has a ripple effect to everyone who’s involved. And it helps to keep a standard of quality, so instead of racing to the bottom, we will “lift up” one another, and the standards of the industry.

Case in point: Over the past several months, there have been an exceptional number of webinars and networking events across the nation, which have collectively dispelled the myth that events have to be live and in person. For the production industry to show up in droves from their corners of the world, is huge. The long-held notion that we needed to be in the same place at the same time to advance as an industry has been thrown out the window. And it’s wonderful, because it means that we’ve proven to ourselves that we can work with each other despite any geographical boundaries — even as we continue to fight to eliminate racial boundaries and discrimination.

We’re excited to share more about our new Rising Tide Initiative soon. As we begin to dig into programming, our hope is to get into a rhythm of connecting good people to each other, and to good ideas. Anyone who knows Grey House will recognize that this has always been a priority of ours. And now, we’re pushing it further.

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