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Giving Thanks

By November 28, 2019 No Comments

In some ways, Grey House celebrates Thanksgiving year-round.


We take time to show appreciation for others whenever we get a chance. We’re always inviting people to come gather at our table. And, thanks to our catering partners, we’re always surrounded by amazing food. But this Thanksgiving, especially, we wanted to go above and beyond — to call out just ten of the many things for which we’re grateful for this year.


Our location scouts in Chicago

Recently, when a regular client of ours called us at 1pm on a Friday to secure a job for 9am that Monday (on government facilities, no less!), we knew that if anyone could pull it off, it’d be Levinson Locations. With a staff of eight people all on different projects, they were able to tag-team to get it done — including all the government-grade paperwork and deposits (thank you, Hope!). For this project and every other project since Day 1, they’ve been there for us.

Local collaborators, nation wide

This year, we’ve traveled more than ever to shoot out-of-town jobs (37% of our shoots this year were on the road), so we’re super thankful for all of the local vendors and collaborators we’ve met along the way. When we were in Philly, for instance, we called another producer (thanks, Robert!) there who was able to recommend local crew, and be our transparent touchpoint throughout the job. It is imperative to have a first person perspective we trust when collecting recommendations. As we always say, if we don’t know — we likely know who does.

Our repeat clients

We’re lucky to have a growing number of loyal brands that work with us directly, which enables us to have a broader, more intimate business relationship. We love being able to work directly with these clients on everything from recoing photogs and directors, to the crew and locations.

The trust and respect that we’ve received

Respect is definitely my #1 currency. I’ll take trust and respect over money any day. Why? They’re the foundation for healthy relationships. That trust and respect has shown itself on several jobs for which an agency has asked us to recommend the city, photographer, or strategy that we should shoot in/with.

Team Grey House at large

The crew that we’ve worked with across the nation that’s showed up. We had this shoot in August that spanned just 10 days — not even 10 business days — from award to shoot, and it was a lot. We were shooting six celebs and running three sets simultaneously with multiple stylists, hair and make up, a 70-person crew, three motorhomes, two video sets, our third set for stills and gifs, capturing sound in a residential area, minding strobes from the gifs to not interfere with video sets...and our team was just absolutely phenomenal. I can’t even take all the credit. Everybody showed up and worked hard and gave their very best, and then some — which is not only saying a lot for that timeline, but for the caliber and breadth of the work. We’re thankful to be surrounded by the best.

Our new studio manager

This hire not only gives us the opportunity to grow and begin to nurture a staff — not just freelance; we’re talking salary and benefits and dependability — but also to serve our clients better. Now, even if I’m shooting in San Diego and prepping for NYC with a creative team in Barcelona and we’re straddling time zones and priorities, we can have someone at home full service.

People that support us behind the scenes

Namely, our consultants, and the mastermind group of CEOs who share the idea that we’re better together and can solve problems smarter and more efficiently when we’re putting our brains together. Everyone who offers us accountability and support — including our extended family and friends.

Our BAIL team

That would be our banker, accountant, insurance broker, and lawyer. As our company grows, these people ensure that we’re staying ahead of the curve, being smart and proactive toward protecting our business, our clients, and ourselves. This year we did a total overhaul: we’re now carrying five insurance policies (yep, five), two lines of credit, we hired an advisory CFO, and a legal team on a monthly retainer. And we are thankful for each and every person on these teams.

Beautiful cheese boards

We found this amazing vendor that delivers to us the most heavenly cheese, crudite, and veggie platters. Major shout out to Graze Gourmet for the best (and most anticipated) wrap treat!

The opportunity to do what we love

And, of course, the opportunity to continue to serve our clients, and all of the opportunities that 2020 may bring. It truly is an honor to be entrusted with each and every project.