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Fini! – Post Production Recycling

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I was eating lunch with my colleague and friend Monica Zaffarano at the beginning of this year at La Fournette (you should check it out, great panni’s) and she began to tell me about this idea she was working on called Fini!. At the heart of Fini is the belief that there is a practical response to the waste that has always seemed inevitable after a photo shoot. Product that is “one day” going to be donated, or items that truthfully stack in a corner untouched. It was Monica’s vision for “Post Production Recycling” that brought Fini! to life earlier this summer – and I am honored to be part of board for this worthy cause.

For more about Fini!, and how you can easily be involved, check out their website

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We are proud to announce an easy solution to your production recycling needs! Here at Fini!, we are familiar with the post production pileup of goods and merchandise that can be donated, as well as the lack of time available to make those donations. We want to make it easy for hardworking production folks to donate non-perishable goods and get them to the organizations that need them most. Whether your production is a commercial advertising shoot, still, motion, or film, we want to make more donations and less waste the new norm. Fini! is a small not-for-profit organization made up of industry professionals who want to encourage ethical productions and give everyone the tools to do so.

We look forward to helping you help our community!

First Board Meeting

From left to right: Brian Schilling, Kristy Schilling, Sage Reed, Monica Zaffarano, Christy Schmid, Yervant Chalkagian, Hannah Fehrman, Sergio Castro and Freddy Fabris. Missing from this photo: Kimber Nussbaum, Liz Miller-Gershfeld, Mele Ortiz, Crissy Stirratt, Lindsay Tyler and Linda Levy

Check out what is happening below right here!