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Discussing Virtual Productions With BlinkBid

By February 4, 2021 No Comments

Photo courtesy of BlinkBid

Blinkbid Founder Lou Lesko and Hannah Soto, Founder + CEO of Grey House Productions, delve into the future of virtual production and how you can best adapt + hone your skills to be part of this exciting new chapter in production.

Virtual Production 101

We are so happy to announce Hannah Soto, Founder + CEO of Grey House Productions, as the special guest joining BlinkBid Founder Lou Lesko for next weeks webinar, The Future of Production is Virtual on February 11th, 2021!

Hannah will be speaking about the client experience and understanding of virtual productions and the importance of having a strong digital plan (and DIT) to organize the technical side of virtual shooting.

Lou will be discussing the other definition of virtual production, which extends to the virtual production itself. He will talk in-depth about how The Mandalorian has utilized a gaming engine and a 25 foot high, 360-degree screen to bring realistic backdrops to a series without using a green screen.

The technology behind Virtual Production promises an extraordinary future for every filmmaker and photographer.

Lou will discuss these elements of the technological future, the controversies, and the details.

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