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Automations in Production, The Power of a Pause + the Role of Motion in Advertising.

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Earlier this year Heather Elder asked to interview our CEO and Founder, Hannah Soto. Below are the show notes and a link to listen to the full episode. Please Note: This interview took place before the COVID-19 outbreak.

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Hannah is Founder and CEO of Grey House Productions, a very value-driven human-centric company, she comes on the show to share an enormous wealth of information on the business as it unfolds in a production house.

Key Takeaways

  • [:30] Heather introduces Hannah and asks her to share how she made her way from studying photography to founding Grey House Productions
  • [6:11] Hannah explains how she keeps it all together — business and life — and it’s all about the team! But she also touches on the automation aspects that Grey House has been integrating to streamline operations.
  • [8:21] Salsa dancing as a follower will help you turn off your ‘Type A’ personality for a while!
  • [9:43] Clients come from three main avenues and Hannah details all of the ways brands come to work with the Grey House team.
  • [11:37] Brands are getting smarter about creating and diversifying their shorter-lived content, and this may explain the increase in brand-direct work found at production houses.
  • [12:37] Heather shares her perspective on the evolving client/agency relationship which opens up the floor for Hannah to ask her own follow-up question!
  • [14:17] Hannah and Heather discuss the increasing creative control that brands are requiring as well as their requesting for creative input and guidance from photographers as opposed to agencies.
  • [17:40] Client service might be the differentiating factor in a world where lines are blurred.
  • [18:45] Hannah also talks about how she selected the company’s core values as well as the name. But Team Grey House has recently come up with a ‘top ten non-negotiables’ and Hannah breaks down the interesting and profoundly human way this came about.
  • [23:10] Hannah explains the estimating process at Grey House as well as how she keeps an eye on all the moving parts.
  • [25:53] Sometimes, more than one photographer will be bidding for Grey House, and Hannah is adamant about not sharing any information during the bidding process.
  • [28:11] Hannah asks Heather what the bidding process looks like on her side from estimates to treatments.
  • [32:09] How does Hannah foster creativity in the bidding process? It turns out that the estimating process may be super creative in itself!
  • [36:35] Motion is something that is only surprising to Hannah when it is absent! She talks about the lack of a solid motion understanding among photographers.
  • [39:28] Hannah’s secret sauce is strategy and Heather shares what “Elder silence” means.
  • [42:12] Hannah answers Heather’s two closing questions: favorite thing to do on a Sunday, and if you weren’t a producer what would you be?
  • [43:29] Heather thanks Hannah for coming on the podcast!

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