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What Our Clients Have To Say

One of the first experiences I had with Hannah was on a large commercial production with a lot amount of moving parts. Immediately obvious was that she ran a well oiled machine where every detail was considered. Her leadership skills and ability to bring people together fuel the fire a team needs to create a professional atmosphere that delivers nothing but top notch creative content. She truly cares about each project being as successful as it can possibly be. When you meet Hannah, you will quickly experience how professional, fun and kind she is. GreyHouse Productions has you covered.

Ben RodigVideo Drone Operator

Hannah and Grey House are the team you want to have in the trenches with you. Her thoroughness and work ethic are tough to match. She’s fun when the flow is at ease and fearless when it comes time to dig into the details. I know that when I turn around she’s got my back, allowing me to be at ease and focus on what’s really important… capturing fantastic images for my client.

Donte TatumPhotographer

Hannah at Grey House Productions is someone in the industry I ALWAYS enjoy working with:
-she always puts together a hardworking, energetic, and enthusiastic crew
-is über organized, professional,and prepared for almost anything
-brings in the best catering and snacks
-keeps everyone on task and happy
And all with a firm but amazingly cheery demeanor.

Her productions are a dream both from the client side and crew side... can't go wrong with this production team!

Susie LeeHair and Makeup Artist

Hannah clearly loves producing. It shows in her enthusiasm, her attention to detail, and the smile in her voice every time she picks up the phone. She's a step ahead, and buttoned-up. Whenever a shoot goes smoothly, you know a good producer has been at the helm. This has been my experience with Hannah.

Susan CartlandArt Production Manager at Mcgarrybowen

My experience working with Grey House productions was entirely positive each time. I found Hannah and her team to be kind, professional, flexible, communicative and very welcoming. A good producer has to balance on a tightrope while juggling flaming batons in a hurricane and Hannah does this. Smiling. And gives you a warm cookie while she’s at it. I always am happy to recommend Grey House and will look forward to working with them again.

Liz Miller GershfeldVP, Executive Art Producer at Energy BBDO

You really see someone's true colors in work when there's a problem. And in our line of business, problems are abundant. But with Hannah at the helm, you never know one even occurred because she handles them quickly and kindly, with grace, resourcefulness, and understanding. She is a positive partner on any project large or small, and very passionate about good old fashioned hard work.

Julie TallaridaCasting Director and Real Talent Agent

We love working with Grey House whenever we can because not only are they organized and do an incredible job of managing a production, but they really make it an enjoyable experience & work environment. The focus on hospitality & care for the little things help us and the crew do our jobs better because we are functioning out of a place of appreciation - we feel appreciated and in turn we really appreciate the hospitality. It’s easy to feel drained or worn out when you’re in the thick of a project, but team Grey House helps give us the organization & energy to power through it.

Jason & BlueDirecting Team

Each time Grey House produces one of my projects, a load is taken off my psyche. I’m allowed to remain inspired, confident that unexpected turns to the creative direction will be navigated without stress.

Saverio TrugliaPhotographer

Hannah is the most personable, professional and upstanding producer that I’ve ever worked with. I’ve never had to worry about her dropping the ball, over committing herself, overcharging, or overlooking anything on our projects together. She’s that rare combination of people that are super on top of everything but also super friendly at the same time. She can be tough when I need her to be but overall is a sweetheart that my clients and crew adore. I know that if I’m lucky enough to get her on my job, that she’ll be “all in” and will make everything run smoothly.

Andy GoodwinPhotographer + Director

Whenever I see Hannah is producing a job; I know it’s going to be a tight ship. Her sets are always efficient, smooth and fun. It is always a pleasure working with Grey House!

Samer AlmadaniVideographer & Digital Imaging Technician

Hannah is a no nonsense, get-it-done type of person. She keeps all the details together and does whatever it takes to make her clients happy. I always love when Hannah wins a job because I know that the project will take the form of a concise, organized machine where the goal is to take care of the people involved and create the work we set out to create.

Kate LevinsonOwner of Levinson Locations

We work with Grey House because they are buttoned up, experienced, hard working, smart and most of all dead honest. We work in an industry whose end product is “a tale well told”. I don’t need excuses or bullshit from a producer - I need solutions and results - and I always get them with Grey House Productions.

Ralph MennemeyerOwner of M. Represents

Working with Grey House was such a seamless process, it was almost like they were sitting in the agency with us every day. They listen, support, and genuinely CARE about your projects which makes such a big difference throughout the process. They are flexible, nimble, and most importantly…always have smiles on their faces!

Allison MagillSenior Producer at FCB Chicago

Production is all about problem solving and good production is all about perfect problem solving with a smile. This absolutely describes Hannah with her can-do attitude backed up by her ability to actually get sh-t done. Whether it’s a big budget project or something that needs to look beautiful…on a shoestring…Hannah makes it happen with that ever-present smile. She’s a keeper, she’ll make you look great, you’ll love her!

Richard SchultzPhotographer + Director

Grey House Productions has been a valuable member of my team on many projects. All of the coordinators infuse every production with positive, infectious energy. Assembling consistently excellent support teams and managing schedules and budgets with ease, I know I can depend on Hannah and her team to bring an experienced, resourceful and nuanced approach to the particular needs of each project.

Mark WiensPhotographer

I can't say enough good things about Hannah! I worked with Hannah on a three-day shoot for BBDO/Ziploc. Hannah was incredibly personable, organized and thorough. She was able to keep us on schedule for the entire shoot and organized the production team with ease. I can't wait to work with her again!

Lucy HewettPhotographer

Recently I had the distinct pleasure of working with Hannah on quite a complex project. Hannah was kind, creative and crazy on top of the entire production. She is a natural! It is often overlooked how very hard the producer works to keep things calm, on task and on time. Hannah managed that and more with the grace of a seasoned professional. Get her on your team and watch the magic happen.

BJ PleckiProp Stylist

I have had the pleasure of working with Hannah and I must say that she is an exceptional producer. She is smart, thoughtful, and a great problem solver. You can see how much she enjoys her work and the attention she gives to ensure the success of a project. But, most importantly, Hannah truly likes “people" and that comes through with her warm and friendly personality. She is someone who will go the extra mile to help any one of her clients. And, who wouldn't want that? So, if you are looking for a great producer and a wonderful experience, I would highly recommend Grey House Productions.

Doug TruppeOwner of Doug Truppe Represents

Hannah, A very skilled producer who always finds a solution. A real pleasure to work with.

Jeff KauckPhotographer

I just wanted to take minute to thank you for an absolutely amazing production. Despite the challenges along the way and throughout the day, and all the cards we were dealt to deal with, you all made this one of the most easy-going and fun productions I've had the pleasure to work on. I couldn't have asked for a more flexible, accommodating, and positive-minded group of people to take this project on with; you all had only good vibes and great attitudes about the entire thing and that was more important and essential than you can imagine in helping us make this happen as an agency team.

Mattison BeckerArt Producer at Digitas Health