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Core Value: Connecting Good People

By November 20, 2019 June 14th, 2020 No Comments

We recently celebrated five years in business, which was marked with a rebranding and a lot of thoughtful introspection — namely, revisiting and expanding Grey House’s Core Values. Over the course of the next several months, we’ll be sharing our Core Values in detail on the blog, to offer a glimpse of how #TeamGreyHouse operates.

If we’re not making connections, then we’re not doing it right. Beyond being intuitive when it comes to matchmaking (we thrive on pairing clients with the right creatives, and pairing creatives with the right crew), we love it when we’re able to help someone on their journey of pursuing a passion. Below are just a few of the many reasons why we love connecting good people, and why we integrate it into our business practices daily. 

Inspiration: mentors and mentoring

I had an amazing mentor in college — someone who was super generous and helped me grow a tremendous amount. I’ve also had the distinct privilege of mentoring young entrepreneurs as they’re just starting to develop businesses. But the ad industry itself can sometimes have a bit of a “take care of yourself”selfish attitude. People aren’t always great about setting aside competition for collaboration in their shared roles, which is something I’ve tried a little bit to course correct. Helping people is just how my parents raised me. But it’s also something I really care about, no matter my profession.

Steering people in the right direction

Just because someone isn’t a good fit for our studio doesn’t mean we simply close the door on the relationship. In our search last fall for a Studio Manager, we had a few applicants that were very good, and traditionally we would have continued with the interview process, but it became apparent that, deep down, they were interested in doing something different. They each had real passion for the industry, but there were straighter paths toward their goals. So, I was honest. I told each of them, “You’re really great and selfishly I’d love to continue the interview process, but what I’m hearing is X, and Z, so what I’d like to do is help find you a better fit doing Y.” I’m proud of the fact that we’ve placed these three potential hires onto other job tracks (freelance DP, freelance editor, and freelance PA), and two of the three have already been hired through introductions we made.

Passing the torch

Sometimes we’ve got someone great on our team, but over time they’re interested in transitioning to another role. And we support that, too. I had a fantastic PA once (and that’s worth mentioning, as it’s honestly really hard to find a good PA!), and this particular individual was always one of my first calls. While she worked with Grey House and got exposed to different roles and people, she realized that she loved the wardrobe side of things. She’d been doing some styling on her own time, so I approached her about it and told her that I could make an introduction to someone we work with regularly. (Of course, recommendations can only go so far since hiring an assistant happens from a place of trust, but our trust in a person usually transfers to other vendors!) I introduced her to a wardrobe stylist, and now she’s assisting that stylist regularly. It’s a win-win: we still get to work with this amazing person, just in a different capacity.

At the end of the day, we’d rather see someone find fulfillment in their creative calling than to check off a quick quota on our call sheet. 

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