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Case Study: Remote Shooting + Virtual Video Villages

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Remote Shooting + Virtual Video Villages


Download a PDF of this case study here.


The Challenge

Travel Bans Have Put a Pause on Production

Corporate brands have pulled the plug on traveling. Most cities have limitations on the number of people who can gather. And as a result, a lot of brands don’t know how to keep production rolling without clients or ad agencies to attend shoots.

Our Approach

Going Remote in Real Time … from anywhere in the world!

Our team has produced multiple remote shoots with brand clients and creative teams joining the shoot from across the country. The photo below is what the remote team would see, in real time, from anywhere in the world (with stable wifi). Join the shoot from your phone, tablet or laptop.


Technology that Talks … to anyone, anywhere.

We deliver real-time technology that is easy for anyone to use. Join digital breakout rooms to review shots in real-time. Filter client feedback via digital channels. It’s all do-able.


Seamless Shooting … for seamless collaborations.

Shoots happen in real time — and so do our feeds. That means no lag between what’s happening on set and what clients see from wherever they happen to be. For any corporate live-feed restrictions, we can easily coordinate Zoom or Google Meet reviews, we can even invite executives to jump on for a brief hello and live review. Our DIT (on-site or remote) can control the client’s digital review experience, from prelighting to post-audio. Read more about the technology behind our remote shooting in a Q&A with one of our favorite DITs.


I never thought it could be done, but I was able to Art Direct remotely and was able to see what was happening on set as well as easily communicate with the crew. Grey House has always made sure every little detail is covered, and the team has pivoted with strength and grace into this new way of working.

— Leah Richards-Guha, Art Director for Remote Holiday Shoot. 

Photos from a remote shoot in August 2020

Virtual Video Village

We hosted brand clients at our studio in Chicago, IL for a broadcast production happening in Austin, TX.