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Why We Strive to “Be a Blessing”

By July 20, 2020 July 30th, 2020 No Comments

The photo above is from “National Donut Day” and we wrote a note to everyone on set to remind them,
“We donut know what we’d do without YOU”.

Remember to be a blessing


If you know Grey House, you know that it was inspired by (and named after!) the little grey farmhouse where I spent my formative years. (The image to the left is me visiting the original Grey House). From a young age working on my family farm and campground, I developed a strong work ethic, and learned that helping others goes way beyond good hospitality. It means — as my mom told me every morning as I left the house — to “remember to be a blessing.” 

In the production world, the idea of being a blessing translates into anticipating other peoples’ needs. Maybe it’s buying the crew’s dinner after a long day, or sending a thank-you note after a job well-done. But as I learned way back when, there are simpler and more profound ways to be a blessing. When I founded this company in 2014, I vowed to integrate that idea into the way we work every day, rather than just checking a box. Now, it’s how we live and breathe. Being a blessing is woven into our DNA.

Over the years, it’s shown up in the times we’ve thought about something before somebody had to ask for it, or by providing something that they wouldn’t otherwise expect. Certainly, our crew members expect us to give them schedules and call times. But sending over an organized deck of talent photos before a shoot, without their asking, so our HMU artists can weigh in on call times? That’s being a blessing. When it’s hot, making sure everyone’s hydrated is a given. But taking the time to soak fresh washcloths in lavender or peppermint essential oil, refrigerating them overnight, and passing out cool, fragrant compresses the next day on set? That’s being a blessing.

Now that we’re working amidst a pandemic, I’ve been thinking more about what being a blessing looks like, beyond set. There’s a new, wonderful trend of education in our industry, and we’re happy to be leading by example with our new Harbor Media Initiative. We’re creating resources not just for our clients, but for our crew, and the industry as a whole. We’re actively seeking ways to “bless” people with knowledge, strategic thinking, tools, and resources. We want people to know that even if they’re not on a Grey House set, they can still benefit from our shared resources, and apply them to their next job.

I’ve also been thinking back to why my mom chose the words that she did. She could have said, “Go work hard,” or “Go impress people.” But she chose to say “Be a blessing.” That’s because that was the golden rule in my family: to treat people well, period. And that’s a rule that Grey House can get behind.