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3 Ways #TeamGreyHouse Makes Every Shoot Even Better

By April 30, 2019 May 4th, 2019 No Comments

We’ve always been big on logistics and hospitality. So when it comes to shoots, there are always a few things that can be overlooked, and we embrace. Sure, they’re small details, but we try to always remember that a rising tide lifts all boats. Here are three things we practice that have a really big, positive ripple for our clients.

Boosting Team Morale

There are all kinds of ways we try to boost morale for everyone on set. For instance, we always make sure to give people time for a sit-down lunch. Yes, people always want to steamroll through lunch. But even if it’s just 20 minutes to sit and talk with one another, it’s a reminder that everyone is a member of a team, and that you’re all in this together. (Or, if you’re an introvert and need some time away, you can have that, too!)

Saying Thank You

Every night after a shoot, I’ll send an email to the entire team with a few points to make. First, I’ll say thank you globally. I’ll acknowledge the difficulties of the day (maybe it was particularly hot out, or the day was longer than planned, etc), and then I’ll give them call-outs for the next day. But I also try to pull people aside, make eye contact, and say out loud, “I really appreciate you.” Telling someone that you see them pulling through something difficult — especially if it wasn’t anticipated — is huge. By acknowledging, “I know you didn’t ask for XX, and I want you to know that I really appreciate your being on this team,” it goes a long way.

Communication with Team Leads

This starts even before the shoots begins. Most producers do this — provide a style guide, creative plan, etc. — but we go above and beyond to communicate. We’ll ask things like, What is your best-case scenario? Do you want 1 or 2 steamers? We try to really be aware of what the expectations are. Clear communication not only allows us the opportunity to get on the same page before diving in, but it also gives everyone the opportunity to ask for what they need. That’s something that I’m reiterating to my crew all the time: If you need another assistant, if you need another hour, even if you just need another 10 mins, let me know so I can have the opportunity to orchestrate. When we do this early, we can make the shoot more efficient, on time, and working at height of creativity — plus, have all of the tools that everyone needs to succeed.

Especially when there are a million things happening on set, most people may not think that a few little things can make such a big difference. But when someone feels appreciated and seen, when they’re provided all of the tools that they need to get their job done, they’ll work faster and more creatively. And that makes any shoot better from a creative and financial standpoint.