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10 Apps We Use on Every Shoot

By August 5, 2019 September 9th, 2020 No Comments

Staying three steps ahead isn’t just one of our core values — it’s an everyday practice.


And for us, a big part of staying savvy means keeping up with the latest production-friendly apps. Here’s our top ten list of apps we use on every shoot — and often in between, too.


Sun Seeker

Especially when we’re shooting outdoors, manipulating natural light is key. This app tracks sunrises, sunsets, and solar paths, allowing us to track and benefit from natural light whenever possible.

Spotify Premium

Beyond easy-peasy DIY playlist options, being able to stream music on location is key. And being able to stream the “Keep Having a Good Day” playlist on location is practically written into our bylaws.


Receipts and riders rule everything around us, so being able to scan them in a snap is a must.


Especially on set, there’s not a lot of time to Insta. Later allows us to compose and schedule posts individually or in batches, and preview the feed before it goes live.


When it comes to tracking weather, we trust what the meteorologists trust. Unlike most weather apps, this one’s powered by the NOAA, which means we’ll have the same data as the forecasters who call it.


Killer behind-the-scenes photos? Check. It’s a favorite upgrade to mobile phone filters, keeping posts looking pro.


There are a lot of great project management apps out there, but we love Asana’s clean, streamlined look and feel — and the fact that it transfers seamlessly between their mobile and desktop apps.

Easy Release

From models and extras to animals (and their handlers), this aptly named app is a godsend.

Capture Pilot

This genius image viewing app tethers to your live shoot feed, allowing clients to view images in real time, on or off set. It’s as easy as bringing them an ipad, so they can keep up with the shots.

Gmail App

For as long as we can remember, we’ve been Gmail (and Drive!) people. Keeping tabs on the next shoot is key, and Gmail’s mobile app is as UX-friendly as the desktop version.